Cooking Pecan Crusted Mahi with Pineapple Mango Salsa with Mike Haridopolos

Lori and Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos cook up a pecan crusted mahi with pineapple mango salsa while including “political food for thought.” They start off the show defining the 10th amendment and what it means to the state of Florida. Lori asks Mike what he is most proud of accomplishing while in office and what are his plans when he leaves office. Mike tells Lori what he would do nationally and locally if he were “King for the Day.” They finally sit down to eat after discussing what Mike considers his most important local issues.

Pecan Crusted Mahi with Pineapple Mango Salsa Recipe


1 cup panko
1 cup ground pecans
6 6-oz fillets of mahi
2 tbsp salt
3 tbsp pepper
3 tbsp mayo (do not use fat free)


1 pineapple cut into bite size pieces
1 ripe mango cut the same
1/2 cup onion, finely chopped
1 jalapeño pepper finely chopped, ribs and seeds discarded
1/2 cup red pepper chopped
1/2 cup orange pepper chopped
1 lime zested and juiced
1 tbsp  balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup finely chopped cilantro (if desired)
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of sugar if needed
Splash of olive oil

Black beans and rice

Cook rice according to directions
2 cups dried black beans
3 bay leaves
1 onion
2 carrots
2 tsp of coriander
2 tsp of cumin
3 tsp oregano
3 tsp ancho powder

Soak beans overnight with enough water to cover the beans by one inch. Discard water and fill again until one inch of water covers the beans. Add all ingredients and simmer 4 hours or until beans are tender, adding water if necessary.

Pat fish dry. Spread a thin layer of mayo on fish. Mix panko and pecans, salt and pepper in a dish. Press fish, mayo side down, into panko mixture. Set oven to 350°. Set fish aside to dry for 7-10 min.  Heat large skillet with small amount of oil. After fish has set and oil is hot, place fish, coated side down in skillet to brown, not cooking all the way though. Cook in batches. When all pieces are browned, set in nonstick pan, panko side up, and place in oven for 12-17 min, or until cooked through.

Combine all ingredients for salsa and serve with fish and beans and rice.

Mike Haridopolos, Florida State Senate President, District 26

The Haridopolos Family
Mike Haridopolos is married to Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos and they have three children – Alexis, Hayden and Reagan Brooke.

Political Experience of Mike Haridopolos

  • President, Florida State Senate 2011-present
  • Senator, Florida State Senate, 2003-present
  • Won Special Election, Florida State Senate, March 2003
  • Representative, Florida State House of Representatives, 2000-2003

Professional Experience of Mike Haridopolos

  • Author
  • College Professor

Caucus/Non-Legislative Committees of Mike Haridopolos

  • Majority Whip, Florida State Senate, 2006-present
  • Co-Founder, Freedom Caucus



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